Frequency of Publication Increased


Great News for Academicians & Scholars,

On August 20, 2023, the annual meeting of the editorial/advisory board of the journal was conducted using Zoom. Eventually, the board members unanimously reached a significant decision to increase the frequency of publication for the journal to quarterly issues from January 2024 onwards. This shift shows that the board members are dedicated to enhancing the journal's impact and visibility. By doing so, the journal will be able to publish new research more frequently, making it more appealing to researchers and readers alike.

One of the motivations behind this change is to meet the indexing requirements of both Clarivate Analytics and SCOPUS. To be indexed by them, journals often need to demonstrate a certain level of visibility, quality, and impact, which includes having a consistent stream of well-cited articles. By publishing more frequently, the journal seeks to enhance its chances of meeting these requirements and achieving indexing on platforms like Clarivate Analytics and SCOPUS.